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My favorite object from 2010

Seeking, seeking. Whether it’s the perfect papaya salad (Pok Pok), an amazing winter coat (Gloverall), or a great place to have an English pint (The Carpenter’s Arms) I’m always seeking out the “thing”. I was thinking about what my favorite object was from 2010, and nothing compares to my travel pen from Kaweco. It’s been in my pocket every day since I found it in the shop of the Ace Hotel in New York. There is a tiny room that sells small items like soap, stationary and travel items and that day I just happened to need a pen. It’s kept up it’s end of the bargan on many flights (unlike what the saleswoman told me) and you can feel a little classier when you sign for the check. I went for the royal blue, but if I ever did it again I’d go with classic black.

a great little travel pen

One comment on “My favorite object from 2010”

  1. At 11:18 am on June 14th, 2011 joe adamik wrote:

    I just bought two of the classic black. Thanks for the tip, or should I say medium nib…

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