Here are some of the records I’ve worked on.  I have been mastering as well.

Urusa in Japan (2005, Ki/oon Records)

All the Ghosts
All the Ghosts EP (2003)

Aluminum Group
Pedals (1999, Minty Fresh)

An Automotive
An Automotive (2002, SixGunLover)

Ancient Greeks
The Song is You (2002, Flameshovel)

Appendix Out
A Warm And Yeasty Corner (2002, ShingleStreet)

Archer Prewitt
Wilderness (2005, Thrill Jockey)

Atari Star
For Other Smaller, Brighter Worlds (2002, Johann’s Face)

Lack and Pattern (2004, File 13)

Authority Abuse
EP (2001, Lengua Armada Discos)

Bill Callahan
Woke on a Whaleheart (2007, Drag City)
Diamond Dancer (2007, Drag City)

Bird Show
Lightning Ghost (2006, Kranky)
Green Inferno (2005, Kranky)

The Layer (2008, Coraille/Dunix) – mastering

Bobby Conn
Llovessonngs (1999, Thrill Jockey)

Bosco & Jorge
Big Man’s Tits, Small Man’s Muscles 7″ (2003, Radio Days Records)
Ally In The Sky (2002, SixGunLover)
Bosco & Jorge (2000, Explain)

Write Fiction (2004, Anomer)

Branches (2004, Contraphonic Records)

Bride of No No
Bride of No No (2003, Atavistic)
track for TroubleMan Mix-Tape Compilation (2002)
B.O.N.N. Apetit! (2000, Atavistic)

Bud Melvin
The Return of Bud Melvin (2004, Self Released) – mastering

Central Falls
Love and Easy Living (2003, Truckstop)

Che Arthur
All Your Tomorrows Were Decided Today (2003, FlameShovel)

Chinup Chinup
We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers (2004, Flameshovel)
Chinup Chinup (2002, Record Label)

Christian Brandt & the 100%
7″ (2004, Record Label)

City Electric
Five Easy Pieces (2006, self released)

Cloudland Canyon / Lichens
Exterminating Angel (2007, Holy Mountain) – mastering

Cloudland Canyon
Lie in Light (2008, Kranky) – mastering

Darin Gray
“Serra’s Twain” for the Moonlanding Comp. (2000, Helicopter)

David Daniell and Douglas McCombs
Sycamore (2009, Thrill Jockey)

Devin Davis
Lonely People of the World, Unite! (2005, Mousse Records) – mastering

When the Deer Wore Blue (2007, Morningside/Control Group)

Gary Burger / Jim Miller
7″ (2004, Nodak) – mastering

Glenn Kotche
Mobile (2006, Nonesuch)
Next (2003, Quakebasket)
Introducing (2002, Quakebasket / Locoust)

Grand Terrace
We Will Collapse (2007, self released)

Grand Ulena
EP (2003, Family Vinyard)
Gateway to Dignity (2003, Family Vinyard)
Sicbay 7″ (2003, Sawtooth Records)

He Who Corrupts
10 Steps to Success (2003, Sinister Label / 625 Thrashcore / Forge Again)
Don’t Worry About It EP (2003, Walk In Cold)
Fordirelifesake EP (2003, Forge Again)
Master of Profits EP (2003, Forge Again / Harmless / AFDY)
international grind compilation (2002, 625 Productions)
split 7″ with Infestation of Ass (2002, Anthem for Doomed Youth)
split with Tusk (2001, HeWhoCorrupts)

Head of Skulls!
Head of Skulls! (2008, Record Label)
You Became Your Mind (2010, Past/Futures)

Iron & Wine
Dark Was The Night compilation (2009, 4AD)

Jack Rose
I Do Play Rock and Roll (2008, Three Lobed)

Here Lies The Body Of Jaks (2005, 31G)

Jim O’Rourke & Mats Gustafsson
Xylophonen Virtuosen (2001, Incus)

Jim O’Rourke
Insignificance (2002, Drag City)
Halfway to a Threeway (2001, Drag City)
“Venus In Furs” for the VU tribute (2001, Victor Entertainment)

Joan of Arc
Eventually, All at Once (2006, Flameshovel) – mastering
How Can Anything So Little Be Any More? (2001, Jade Tree)
The Gap (2000, Jade Tree)

John Fahey
Sea Changes & Coelacanths: A Young Persons Guide To John Fahey (2007, Table of the Elements)

Just a Fire
Light Up (2003, Asian Man)

Kevin Bowers & the Reels
My Love is Yours (2006, Jailbreak)

KungFu Rick
Coming to an End (2003, Six Two Five Records)
split with Ultimate Warriors (2002, Robodog)
split with Curtainrail (2000, 625)

In the Afternoon (2002, Aesthetics)

La Terre Tremble!!!
Travial (2009, Collectif-Effervescence) – mastering

Loose Fur
Born Again In The USA (2006, Drag City)
Loose Fur (2003, Drag City)

Loren Mazzacane Connors
Improvisations Vol. 1-9 (1999, Ecstatic Yod)

Undone (2005, Sickroom)

All Are Welcome (2008, self released)

Mark Mallman / The Coke Dares
7″ (2005, Nodak) – mastering

Follow the Sound (2000, Le Grand Magistery)

Means / STNNG
7″ (2004, Nodak) – mastering

World of Gold (2001, Thrill Jockey)

Breathing Out Vapors (2001, Forge Again Records)
Nothing New (2001, NHP)
So, This Is How It Is (2001, Suburban Sprawl)

Occidental Brothers Dance Band International
Occidental Brothers Dance Band International (2006, self released) – mastering

On (Steve Hess & Sylvain Chauveau)
Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night (2004, DSA Records)

On Filmore
Box 100 Series (2001, Quakebasket)

Orchard Vale Soundtrack
(2008, Record Label) – mastering

(2002, Latecomer)

Pillow Plays Brotzmann (2006, Bottrop-Boy / WhiteWalls)

Little Friends 7″ (2003, Big Neck Records)

Quien es, BOOM!
Cast Your Burdens Aside (2006, Six Gun Lover)

Rabbit Rabbit / Joan Of Arc
split 7″ (2003, Record Label)

Rabbit Rabbit
Riddle Riddle EP (2001, Honk If You’re a Moose)

Regan National Crash Diet
Sucktastic! (2003, Roostercow) – mastering

Robbie Fulks
Couples In Trouble (2001, Boondoggie Records)

Robert Hampson + Steven Hess
Robert Hampson + Steven Hess (2006, Crouton)

Seven Days of Samsara
Never Stop Attacking (2003, Harmless)
We Are Already Dead 7″ (4TG Records)
split 7″ with Destroyer (2001, Flowerviolence Records)
split with Since By Man (2001, Harmless Records)
split 7″ with Akarso (2000, Ricky Schroeder Fan Club)
split 7″ with Cobra Kai (2000, Dead Robot AllStars)

Sig Transit Gloria
Sig Transit Gloria (2001, Johann’s Face)

Unhistories (2008, Drag City)

Accumulation: None (2002, Drag City)
Rain on Lens (2001, Drag City)
Strayed 7″ (2000, Drag City)
Supper (2003, Drag City)

So Many Dynamos
When I Explode (2004, Skrocki)

Stanley Ross / Love Story in Blood Red
7″ (2004, Nodak) – mastering

Sound Dust (2001, Elektra)

Sterling (2003, File 13)

The Atari Star
Moving In the Still Frame (2000, Johann’s Face)
Shrp Knf Cts Mtns (2001, Johann’s Face)

The Changes
First of May EP (2003)
Today Is Tonight (2006, Drama Club Records)

The Eternals
Black Museum EP (2002, Aesthetics)

The Kill Pill
Outside These City Walls… (2003, Uprising)

The Red Eyed Legends
The High I Feel When I’m Low (2004, GSL)

The Tight Bros From Way Back When / Inside Five Minutes
split 7″ (2002, Makoto Recordings)

Tigersmilk (2003, Family Vinyard)

Tower of Rome
World War 1 (2006, HeWhoCorrupts)

Town & Country
Town & Country reissue (2007, Apestaartje/Headz) – mastering
Up Above (2006, Thrill Jockey)
5 (2003, Thrill Jockey)

Traitors / Evil Beaver
Live at the Manhole (2000, Johann’s Face)

US Maple
Purple On Time. (2003, Drag City)

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002, Nonesuch) – I helped Jim record his parts